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Fantastic Basement waterproofing services in Pakistan

German Roofs is an organization equipped with the means and methods to provide total basement waterproofing services in Pakistan.

Whether it’s a flooded basement, mold or mildew in the corners of walls or just a leak found in your basement, our experts will make sure your walls and floors are well protected from surface water, whether it’s from the ground up, strong rain or next to a leaky house. We understand the need for the perfect home as it can increase its resale value and improve people’s living standards as no one wants a wet basement in their house.

If you might be wondering how excess water can be moved out of your basement, which is considered the lowest area of your house, there are 3 steps to do it, one of which is probably cleaning your basement gutters. clogged with trash or debris, secondly, make sure your downspouts extend further into the gutter area, which goes into the construction part of the job, and lastly, build a sloped feature around the basement floor to allow water to drain. to automatically open the gutter, instead of using time-consuming manual wipers. Our experienced professionals will ensure that our clients get the best basement waterproofing services in Pakistan.

Repair and seal leaky basement walls

Foundation walls are the real culprit when it comes to basement waterproofing.

It was almost impossible to seal the foundation walls because they hid so much dirt. The only option left, which was also the best, was to properly repair the basement walls. We ensure that our chemical waterproofing treatments undergo proper application that helps seal leaky basement walls more effectively. We started by filling all the cracks and removing the damp areas around the walls, then applying our sealing chemical which gives instant results.

Cement Waterproofing Specialist in Karachi

Our more popular chemical choice, an energy mix solution consisting of reinforced fibers and high-quality polymers, usually mixed with industry-standard acrylic and cement, produces excellent results in resisting all leaks and leaks from your basement.

As cement waterproofing experts in Karachi, we ensure that our clients receive the highest-grade chemical treatment that not only prevents mold and mildew from basement walls but also keeps your floors neat and clean from dust and atmospheric damage, and rusty.

Comprehensive basement leak repair

Water, although its harmful effects have been visible for years, damages cement-based walls and floors

A decades-old home is bound to show signs of uneven basement floors and walls, no matter how obvious you made the basement during its construction. It is important to have a chemical treatment for your walls that repairs cracks, mold, and eroded walls. Using our cement waterproofing solutions, we guarantee that no open problems will occur after our chemical application to its full form.

Chemical treatment using different waterproofing methods

The awesome team at German Roof comes up with a variety of waterproofing methods to help your basement live back to its former glory.

Some of the types we use across Pakistan that respond well to any type of flooring are cement, liquid waterproofing membranes, bituminous coatings, bituminous membranes, and polyurethane foam. Among these methods, we generally lean toward cement and bituminous waterproofing because both are readily available on the market, plus they do a great job of providing the best seal between the chemicals and your basement walls.

Experienced in waterproofing house foundations

Regardless of whether we build houses, of all shapes and sizes, each basement is connected to the foundation of the house, whose waterproofing should be carried out with the utmost professionalism.

We have experience in providing complete solutions for basement waterproofing services in Pakistan, all that is left to get the ideal situation is to take care of the waterproofing foundations of the houses. No matter how well your foundation is protected, without chemical treatment, water can seep into the concrete and create leakage problems, which can create problems if not properly maintained.

Waterproofing solution for cement basement

Using our cement waterproofing solution, which is considered the best medium for indoor waterproofing services in Pakistan, our team of experts will perform the chemical treatment on the cement basement first and then on the wall surface.

The main reason for this method is generally focused on leveling and repairing the ground because applying cement mortar over the cement floor in your basement, seals all the cracks and openings that are the main point of water extraction, which usually goes into the basement.

Sealing leaky basement walls

We were very careful when working on the basement walls because they focused too much on the surface rather than the floor.

Whether you use adobe walls or concrete walls, water can seep in and out due to its absorbent nature. We ensured that by sealing the leaking basement walls, all unsafe water ingress through wall damage was reduced and made it suitable even for flood water levels.

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